Additional Protection
Enhanced Protection For Your Floor

Topical, semi-penetrating, and penetrating sealers are optional products used to provide additional protection for densified and densified-polished floors. These products act as a “working” or sacrificial surface layer, protecting the treated concrete beneath. They also provide stain resistance and water repellency. As traffic and friction from dirt and debris wear away these protections, it will be necessary to replace these sealers. Applying these additional protections is an economical way to preserve your concrete floor.


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RetroPel is a stain repellent that has been specifically formulated for concrete and terrazzo floors. RetroPel resists oil and waterborne stains, and when used in conjunction with the Ashford Formula, RetroPlate, or other densified and polished concrete floors provide additional protection.


RetroGuardMore product info!

RetroGuard is a modified acrylic sealer yielding high reflectivity. The topical coating is suitable for protecting concrete and natural or synthetic stone surfaces against oil and food staining. It is UV-stable, and therefore, applicable on both exterior as well as interior surfaces. RetroGuard is highly effective at preventing acid staining on all stone and concrete surfaces, even keeping acidic fumes from the surface to which it is applied.