For Long-Term Floor Performance

Clean Exterior Entries
Sweeping exterior entries regularly will prevent dirt and soil from entering your facility, as will clearing ice, snow and salt during the winter season.


Walk-Off Matting/Grating
Reduce the amount of outside debris brought onto your floor with walk-off mats or grating at all entry points of your building. This will minimize the damage these particles can cause your floor.


Sweep / Dust Mop Regularly
For dirt and debris that do make its way onto your floor, frequent dust-mopping will reduce the abrasion and erosion they cause. Frequent dust-mopping will also make your floor much easier to clean.


Clean Spills Immediately
Clean spills immediately to avoid etching, staining and slip and fall hazards. It’s true that an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure. Quickly cleaning up spills, especially acidic liquids, will prevent chemical attacks and reactions. When contaminants are allowed to dwell on the surface, they penetrate the concrete more deeply, creating the need for a more aggressive solution.


If a higher level of sheen is desired beyond that produced naturally by routine cleaning, periodic burnishing can help accelerate or increase the sheen of your concrete floor. The following procedure applies to densified concrete only.*

1. Ensure the concrete is at least 28 days old.

2. Use a high-speed propane burnisher equipped with an abrasive black stripping pad.

3. “Buff” the surface by working the machine up and back so as to create a higher level of sheen.

4. Repeat step Step 3 utilizing a red pad to increase the intensity of the sheen.

Propane driven models with an 1800-3500 RPM work best.  A standard 175 RPM swing buffer will take more buffing to create the desired sheen. Propane burnishers have the weight of the motor, and therefore pressure, directly over the head of the machine, whereas, electrically driven swing burnishers do not have enough pressure, regardless of the equipment’s RPM.

*For densified-polished concrete, please contact your local Curecrete representative or contact Curecrete directly.