Why Clean?
Routine Maintenance, Long-Term Results


Abused for years by forklift traffic and rarely ever cleaned, this concrete floor had a severe build-up of tire markings. The applicator initially thought diamond grinding would be the only way to bring the floor back to life. CreteClean Plus was used to prepare the floor prior to grinding, which, to the surprise of the applicator, completely removed the tire residue. Needless to say, grinding was not necessary – saving valuable time and money!

The better you care for your floor, the longer it will last, and the longer it lasts, the less it will cost.


Protecting Your Investment
Thousands of dollars and hours of manpower have gone into creating your floor. Imagine buying an expensive car, and never maintaining it properly – no changing the oil, no washing and waxing, no cleaning up the drink that got away when the car in front of you stopped short. Wouldn’t happen, right?

Your floor deserves, and requires, the same care. The good news is, properly caring for your floor won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, the only thing that will is replacing what you already paid for. Having to repair or replace your floor entirely will be costly and time consuming; interrupting your business, productivity, and ultimately your bottom line.


Proper Maintenance Matters
Concrete floors are strong, functional, and long-wearing. However, they are not bullet proof. Nothing will reduce your concrete floor to a dull, dirty, lifeless surface faster than using the wrong cleaner. The wrong cleaner can actually attract dirt! It is even worse to assume your floors need no maintenance at all.

In addition to becoming dull and lifeless, using the wrong cleaner can lead to etching, staining, and accelerated erosion of the surface. First impressions matter, as do second, third, fourth, fifth, and so on.

What’s the return cost of proper maintenance versus poor maintenance?  It’s the extension of the life of the floor versus the abbreviated life and added cost of reapplication due to improper or no maintenance at all.